Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rumor: Before Season 2 “The Witcher” May Get An Anime Movie on Netflix!

The "The Witcher" season 2 speculations are increasing day by day. Fans are getting more excited about this series because they like it very much and eagerly waiting what it will bring for them in season 2.

Therefore, by keeping in account the familiarity of the show, the streaming giant may release its anime before the release of the second season of Witcher series.

Before the release of "The Witcher season 2", the streaming giant Netflix may continue to make an anime called "The Witcher": Nightmare of the Wolf. That's consistent with The Witcher Intel site Redanian Intelligence, which pieces this together from rumors and a replacement WGA entry for a project having the same title.

A film name" The Witcher" (Nightmare of the Wolf) was scheduled on the WGA site on 10th January, with an article credit for Beau DeMayo: a Netflix writer show who scripted the third episode on the series.

That's the scope of the small print. Besides the very fact, it's braced The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski. But it gets more interesting once you discover that rumors of a Witcher animated project – to happy the fans over between seasons of the live-action show. These rumors are circulating around the industry since September 2019.

This listing isn't confirmation that such a project exists by any means. Redanian Intelligence also points to the CV of Harriet Kershaw (voice actress). It features a Witcher project listed for 2020 for Netflix and Blend Audio. Blend Audio handles additional dialogue recording (ADR) for live-action TV series. Though, it may be possible that this was simply for work on The Witcher series itself. Blend Audio doesn't currently list a Witcher project on its website, either way.